modest industries

Apple-centric Consulting & Support for Business.

We are the sherpas.
We make things go.

We are technology guides for small & medium sized businesses. We specialise in Apple products, offering a stable of carefully curated solutions that help our clients thrive and grow.
Our clients include web designers, architects, doctors, lawyers, writers, manufacturers, public relations firms and creatives and makers of all types.
We build tailored, solid, reliable networks that let you focus on what you're good at.

technology is a tool. all that matters is what you build with it.

We work with you to understand your need and choose solutions for your particular workflow.
We teach, tutor, train, explain and advise. We remove obstacles.

We are the sherpas. We make things go.

Why us.

We choose standards over gizmos, bullet–proof over flashy, and open before closed.
That said, we are suckers for the elegant.
We think that there’s a better way than using quick and fragile solutions, because we hate doing things twice.

We build for the long term. We plan the surprises out of Information Technology so that your
Monday mornings are spent dealing with your clients, not your Macs.

We'll help you find the balance.

We'll help you balance your needs with your business goals and your resources.

Perhaps the best answer to “why” is that our clients think of us as team members without desks.
We can think of no higher recommendation.

If you run a business and you’re lost in the wilderness of
Information Technology, then there is good news: you are home.
Got a project?

We can help.

We provide Apple Certified experts for macOS server and desktop setup & support, iPad and iPhone management and deployment, technology planning & audits, network design, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems implementation and
IT consulting & project management.

Organising our robot overlords since 2001.

Apple Certified Support Professional 10.11

Apple Certified Support Professional 10.10

Apple Certified Technical Coordinator 10.10

Apple Macintosh Consultant Consulting Support High Sierra OS X El Capitan Sierra Mavericks Mountain Lion Server iPhone iPad iOS IT Certified Vancouver Network Internet

We occasionally blog and you can find us on @modestindustry